200 business owners, senior experts, corporate leaders, and early-stage founders sharing an entrepreneurial mindset on a ferry from Travemünde to Helsinki & back

Set your company up for success and build lasting connections - let's kick off the year together


Let's kick off the year together: Set your business up for success and build lasting connections

200 business owners, senior experts, corporate leaders, and early-stage founders sharing an entrepreneurial mindset on a ferry from Travemünde to Helsinki & back


About the Event

Once a year we hijack a cargo ferry from Travemünde to Helsinki for the purpose of developing yourself and your business. A unique location without extra emissions.

Get insights

Receive valuable tips, insights into experiences, and essential skills for developing yourself and your business – practical, authentic, and on equal footing.

Superpower storytelling: How to get reach for the right ideas

Karin Kiesl

Key negotiation hacks for entrepreneurs at heart

Martina Pesic

How AI will further evolve and how to benefit

Alois Kritl

The perfect pitch for any idea

Lars Hartenstein

Find your passion inside and outside work

Hendrik Kleinwächter

How to build an ecosystem of innovation

Alexander Ohrt

How to build flourishing communities

Oliver Rößling

Positioning: Find new business in niche markets

Simon Eichinger

Social Recruiting - How to find the best Talent

Sara Hildebrandt

Team diversity as a competitive advantage

Michelle Euzet

For Startups: Growth Weekend

  • Set yourself up for success by learning from accomplished entrepreneurs and senior experts
  • Talk to investors and industry partners that cannot run 😉
  • Connect with VCs, business angels, family offices, industry partners...
  • Find mentors that help you grow your business
  • Party

For Corporates: Entrepreneurship Seminar

  • Learn from and with colleagues from other industries
  • New impulses for future projects / business development
  • Sharpening a startup mindset for problem solving
  • Inspiring conversations with entrepreneurs
  • Learn from senior experts with different entrepreneurial skills: negotiation, story telling, brand building...
  • Certificate „Utilize Entrepreneurial Mindset within Corporates“


All Pitches, Talks, Workshops and Partys take place on Deck 11.

20:30 (DE) Earliest Check-in

23:00 (DE) Boarding the ship

23:00 🍺 Informal welcome and Mix&Mingle at the bar

We welcome suggestions and requests for additional topics. Would you like to contribute as an expert on a topic? We look forward to your inquiry at team@entrepreneurship.tours.

Our Ferry from Finnlines

Gym and female & male sauna
Brunch and Dinner Buffet
Outside Cabin Small
Outside Cabin Big
Luxus Outside Cabine
Bar for the evening hours
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Team & Partners

How to build flourishing communities

Oliver Rößling

Passionate niche business builder​

Simon Eichinger

12MIN.ME City Lead Hamburg​

Sophia Bartsch

Executive Assistant Startup Factory​

Jonas Wagner

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Apply for the highly limited Entrepreneur Ship tickets from January 9th to 12th 2025.


We were looking for an intimate place that would turn individual founders, entrepreneurs and investors into a close-knit community in just a few days. And we found it in our combined passenger and freight ferry with the charm of a start-up garage.

The Finnlines ferry is not a cruise ship, but transports goods and guests all year round. We give it another purpose and turn it into a European platform for entrepreneurship!

Many of you would like to share cars. Great idea! It’s better for the environment, and networking can start right on the trip.💚

  • Here you can find a table (Link will follow) where you can sign up if you want to take others with you or if you want to ride with others:
    ○ Offers
    ○ Requests
  • Then you just coordinate directly among yourselves.
  • Passengers stay in the car and check in at the car check-in with the

In Travemünde:

  • Address: Skandinavienkai, 23570 Lübeck
  • If you are arriving by car, the simplest thing is to book a place on
    board the ship. You check in as normal with your car and the vehicle stays on board during the entire trip – even in Helsinki.
    Advantage: After the return trip, you can drive directly off board and start your journey home. The cost for „parking on board“ is 30.00 €. Book this option by mentioning the booking number directly with Finnlines
    by 05.01.2024: Finnlines Mail Adress
  • Alternatively, you can also drive to the harbor parking lot, but there
    will be costs incurred, and then you must be shuttled on board/off
    board as a foot passenger.

In Helsinki: All cars remain on the ship in Helsinki. We will ALL be brought to the city center by a bus and also back to the harbor area.

  • The most important thing: Feel free to wear what you feel most comfortable in!
  • We are a business event, but the smart suit is not mandatory. Feel free to come in business casual or hoodie and sneakers – whatever you like.
  • Please take a look at the video from our first trip; then you already have a small picture of the outfits that the participants chose in 2023: YOUTUBE VIDEO 
  • Temperature on board: approx. 20°C
  • Temperature in Helsinki: approx. – 8°C (feels colder ;))
  • Regarding the theme parties: You are very welcome to live out the theme, but this is not compulsory.

If you feel weak shortly before departure, have a cough or a runny nose: Please do a Corona self-test in any case… if positive – please do not participate! Even if the test is negative, but you just don’t feel fit, please recover at home. Your health and the health of all of us is the most important thing!

  • We stand for a tolerant and safe event.
  • We do not tolerate physical and psychological transgressions.
  • If there is a problem on board or in Helsinki, you can contact anyone from the Entrepreneur Ship Team.
  • Don’t worry! We are prepared for everything!
  • We have a doctor and an emergency kit on board.
  • Also, a lot of tablets against seasickness.
  • On board, you can pay by credit card, cash, or debit card. The following cards are accepted: Eurocard, Maestro, Mastercard, Debit Mastercard, V Pay, Visa, Visa Debit, and Visa Electron. A prerequisite for paying with a card is a connection to the satellite. Therefore, it is recommended to always carry cash.
  • It is not possible to exchange money on board.
  • There is no possibility to withdraw cash.

The sauna and the fitness studio are free of charge and open to all passengers. The sauna is separated by sex.

You don’t need to bring anything. Feel comfortable like in a hotel.

  • Yeah, finally some time for digital detox!
  • Or – if you really need to check a few emails urgently, you can book the appropriate package in advance via the passenger service by stating the booking number Finnlines eMail Adress.
  • Here you can find detailed information about the packages:
    Finnlines External Link
  • If you decide to do this on board at the last minute, you can also book it at reception (but this will cost 6 € more per route than if you book it in advance by email).

Do not schedule any important meetings/decisions for the Monday
after ;-))